Academic Societies


In 1985, three academic societies – the (Joseph) Erlanger Society, the (Carl and Gerty) Cori Society, and the (Oliver) Lowry-(Carl) Moore Society – were formed by the Executive Faculty of the school of medicine to facilitate interactions between medical students and faculty outside of the classroom.  The premise of the Societies is twofold: to provide opportunity for students to grow professionally by hearing speakers and speaking with faculty, grappling with a range of current medical issues; and to add to the WUSM student’s education the element of mentorship, advising, and camaraderie among faculty and peers.  Each Society hosts approximately 3 social events each year which are usually held off campus, such as dinner with a speaker at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, brunch with small groups of students at Café Eau, and of course the MedBall event held annually in March.

Your Participation

Please inform Andy Wiegert, Office of Student Affairs, (362-8541, if you have a society preference. Those without a preference are randomly assigned.

Contact your society’s Faculty Society Master or Student Liaison/Society Leader for questions regarding events. The Office of Student Affairs will provide contact information.

You are encouraged, but not required, to attend all society events.

 Joseph Erlanger and Evarts Graham Society

Advisory Dean: Dr. Tessa Madden

Student Leaders: Adrienne Visani, Taylor Cogsil, Curtis Broberg, and Maliza Namude

Past Events:

  • A Night at the Kitchen Conservatory: Private Cooking Class
  • Faculty Dinner Series
  • A Night at the Planetarium: St. Louis Science Center, Dinner and Star Show

Carl and Gerty Cori Society

Advisory Dean: Dr. Alan Glass

Student Leaders: Victoria Offei-Dug, Alden D’Souza, and Jake Wieczorek

Past Events:

  • Happy Hour in the King Center
  • A night at the Third Degree Glass Factory
  • A night at the Kemper Art Museum
  • Faculty Dinner Series

Oliver Lowry and Carl Moore Society

Advisory Dean: Dr. Evan Schwarz

Student Leaders: Abraham Ogbaslase, Simona Sarafinovska, and Favour Akinjiyan

Past Events

  • A Night at the Third Degree Glass Factory
  • A Night at the Kitchen Conservatory
  • A Night on a Riverboat Cruise
  • Brunch at the Chase Park Plaza