Saturday Neighborhood Health Clinic (SNHC)

The Saturday Neighborhood Health Center, in conjunction with Family Care Health Centers (FCHC), is dedicated to providing free medical care to the uninsured in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood and surrounding region. We run a fully equipped health center at FCHC on Saturdays from 9 a.m. until noon. An attending physician, a social work student and medical student volunteers staff the center. Currently, the center is equipped to see seven to eight patients each Saturday.

Pre-clinical student volunteers (first- and second-year students) can work as part of the medical team, conducting the patient interview and taking a history, or they can work as coordinators, responsible for patient flow, patient charts and other paperwork. Clinical student volunteers (third- and fourth-year students) help with the patient interview and perform the physical exam. The attending oversees the process, makes a diagnosis and sets up a treatment plan. If prescriptions are necessary, we provide vouchers for free or discounted medications, depending on the patient’s ability to pay. In addition, a student volunteer from the George Warren Brown School of Social Work sees patients with the important goal of enrolling each patient in a regular health care program.

A selective is offered in which first-year students can receive additional training toward becoming a coordinator. The selective focuses on public health issues and the health care needs of the St. Louis community.


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