Student Life

The School of Medicine enthusiastically supports the development of our students, both professionally and personally. OSA can connect you with the service opportunities, events and student-run organizations that interest you.

Student Groups

Our students continually find ingenious ways to learn and grow through participation in student groups, which they conceive, organize and run themselves. The Office of Student Affairs provides the advice and financial support needed to make these groups a reality.

The mission of these groups is to:

  • provide opportunities to develop leadership and other social skills
  • give balance to personal and professional lives
  • nurture creative and artistic talents
  • promote volunteerism and community involvement
  • serve the community by sharing special knowledge and skills
  • enhance personal accomplishment and fulfillment

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The Graduate Professional Council (GPC) is the University-Wide graduate student organization that represents all Washington University graduate and professional students from all 8 schools.  Each Med School class has a peer-elected representative that serves as the Medical School’s GPC members.

Service Opportunities

First-Year Selectives are course-based, credit-bearing educational experiences.  Among the 4 required selectives that first-year students must take, those related to service learning are coordinated by Student Groups and are courses in which students participate in an organized service activity that meets identified community needs.  Courses must include reflection on the services activity to gain further understanding and appreciation of community work and an enhanced sense of civic responsibility.  Overall approximately one-third of students participate in one or more of the service-oriented selectives available.

Student Groups provide learning experiences beyond the classroom and the medical center.  The mission of these programs is to provide leadership development, provide life balance, promote volunteerism and community involvement, serve the community, and enhance personal accomplishment and fulfillment.  Many groups have opportunities to serve in a myriad of ways –  click here to see the current volunteering opportunities provided through Student Groups.

Student leaders in service-oriented selectives and groups are asked to log their service-learning experiences so they may be added to the Gephardt Institute for Public Service’s Community Counts site.  The Gephardt Institute for Public Service’s mission is to promote lifelong civic engagement and sustained community impact through service initiatives at Washington University.  Through Community Counts, they log all community service-learning engagement happening across the University.


The Office of Student Affairs organizes a number of events for students, including WUSM Plunge (Orientation), Diversity Retreat, Washington University Medical Plunge, and Commencement. Visit the Major Events section for more information.

Jury Duty Service

If you register to vote in the City of St. Louis, you may eventually be called up for jury duty service here or sometimes in your home town. Our office provides a letter requesting a jury duty deferment as the City of St. Louis does not accept a letter requesting an excuse. The City of St. Louis will defer jury duty service for up to 12 months. They send a post card asking the student to provide three dates when they can serve with the 12-month time period. Please be sure to put dates when you can serve as the city is not accepting a second deferral notice from our office. If you are able to serve, it may be in your best interest to go ahead and do so rather than delay it into third year or fourth year when you will have little to no time available due to clerkships or residency interviews. Please bring the jury duty notice to Chris Mossinghoff in Becker Ste 220. You will receive an email when the deferment letter is ready for pick up.