Student Support Services

Student Support Services (SSS) is a student-led organization that is charged with promoting wellness services and opportunities, as well as creating their own. SSS consists of four students selected from the M2 class each year. The SSS representatives coordinate with school administration to host student wellness activities throughout the academic year. The goal is to provide stress-free study breaks, introduce students to unique aspects of St. Louis Life, and foster bonds among students across all classes at the School of Medicine.

SSS coordinates monthly “Wellness Wednesday” activities, hosts puppy therapy and art therapy sessions before exams, and organizes interclass socials around holidays and major events in the St. Louis Area. This year’s events included a trip to St. Louis’s famous Balloon Glow, Ice Skating at Steinberg Skating Rink, a World Cooking Class at Shell Cafe and a Krav Maga self defense course.

Each year, SSS organizes one of the School of Medicine’s largest school-wide events, “Friendsgiving,” providing students the ingredients to make their own signature dish and share with over 150 of their classmates. Their initiative culminates in a “Wellness Week” each spring featuring a lunch speaker that discuss a variety of wellness topics, from relationships to ergonomics, and events ranging from meditation to cooking classes each afternoon.

SSS Representatives

Eliza Thompson

Alex Skidmore

Nisha Bhat

Sean Terada